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This is a relatively small project, but very dynamic and functional.
The administration site allows the client to add, edit or remove single "Clients' Comments", and "Pet of the Month" stories.
The comments can be moved up or down on the Comments page. One can be set up as featured. The featured comment automatically appears on the front page right after the introduction.
The Pet of the Month interface enables image upload. Monthly stories get stored in the archives. Latest stories before the featured one automatically appear in the Archives section of the page.
The client was provided with an e-mail message in HTML template format, with similar look as the website. She is able to open the file on her computer, type in her message, and send it to her subscribers. The process is as simple as sending a regular e-mail message.
Graphic Design
The charming homey look was chosen to build the website for Happy Tails Pet Care. As for all our projects, the layout was developed to look good in all common screen resolutions. The clips of animals appearing on various spots on the site give it a playful look with a touch of humor.
Comment from the client:
I love the site!!! I have been told many times how great and professional it looks.
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Administration detail

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