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Garland Energy, as all other websites in our portfolio, is powered by our original application. It allows the registered users to order fuel delivery or service online. When logged in, the users can edit their account and tank information and place their orders.
The administration section has following features:
  • Services - add, edit, remove services. If marked as special, the services appear automatically on specific pages of the public and users' pages.
  • Fuel Pricing - update regular and special fuel prices.
  • Mailing List - includes ability to send a text message to all registered users.
Graphic Design
The site is designed with a friendly neighborhood service in mind - a combination of bright colors and images of nature.
All navigation uses clearly designed graphics to make the site (both public and administration) user friendly. The pages with functionality are made as simple as possible, so that an average user can take advantage of the convenient online service in just a few simple clicks.
Front page detail

Service Order slip

Administration detail

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