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Just like all of our newer websites, this one too was built on our newest original PHP template engine. The new engine maximizes the website's search-engine readiness. Major search engines will spider the links and pages with ease, picking up the relevant content and pushing the site towards the top of search results.
The new template engine remains a perfect framework for any future addons and regular website maintenance, minimizing the upkeep costs.
The administration section has following features:
  • Mailing List - management of collected and self-entered email addresses
  • Newsletter - ability to compose, preview, and send a newsletter to the mailing list
  • Design Your Own Adventure - maintenance interface where the client can add, edit or delete components of this section of the website

The site employs three different forms - sign up for the newsletter, contact form and the Design Your Own Adventure form. When submitted by visitors, they send email messages to the administrator. Each of the forms provides an opportunity for the visitor to sign up to the mailing list.

Graphic Design
Photographs provided by the client served as a great designing material for this website. Pictures of nature and people having fun outdoors are used both in the main layout, and the design of individual pages.
The icons used in the navigation resemble signage in nature parks, and add to user-friendliness of the website flow.
Front page detail

"Design Your Own Adventure" feature

Administration detail

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