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The administration interface for this project allows the client to upload vehicle listings. Each listing can have up to four photographs. The data entry is done by filling in a specifically tailored form, which prevents errors. The database was preloaded with all makes and models which appeared on the North American market to date, so the client only needs to add the newest makes and models.
The visitors can search through the listings using different criteria. Search results are displayed in a table with sorting feature. Single listing can be displayed by clicking on a button or an image.
The site also contains an express registration form.
Graphic Design
Blue and gray design elements give this website a sharp corporate look. The site was designed using a pure tableless CSS layout, which is the current trend in website design industry. This technology speeds up the page loading time.
The flashy elements were specifically requested. The content of the site is also maintained by the client.
Front page detail

Flash movie welcomes visitors

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