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The data for this website is being drawn from a combination of sources - the dealer's official Five Start site, and from GetAuto inventory. The database carried both new and used vehicles. The updates are performed once a day.
The administration pages contain inerfaces with following features:
  • Change vehicle prices (regular and sale)
  • Add / edit / delete rental vehicles and their prices
  • Post / edit / delete job listings
  • Post / edit / delete upcoming community events
  • Post / edit / delete specials for parts, service and rental
The public pages feature a great amount of interactivity and dynamic content, such as payment calculator and recently viewed vehicles display. Depending on a visitor's needs, there are many ways to contact Bonneville & Son:
  • General contact form
  • Financing application
  • Job application
  • Quote request
  • Parts order
  • Service appointment request
Graphic Design
This site features crisp corporate look in blue and gray tones. Vehicle pictures throughout the site give a feeling of an actual showroom.
The header employs a flash graphic, with the vehicle pictures changing dynamically, depending on which make is currently being viewed.
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